In Praise of Aging

Lizann Bassham has written a collection of poems entitled "In Praise of Aging," and is currently creating a journal with writing prompts and questions for folk to reflect on their own process of aging. She invites you to comment and share any thoughts or questions you think might stimulate some creative reflections based on any of the poems and song linked below. If she uses your words she'll credit you.

                                 Click here to email her your ideas.

                      Please include your name and the name of the poem for which you are making suggestions.

I Am Awed

A History of Bending

Desert Holly

Folded Then Unfurled

Generational Shift

Menopausal Waist


New Rules of Travel

On Having My Face Painted (in honor of the Summer Solstice)

Precious Metal

The Most Perfect of Noses

To Our Bellies

Tree and Sky

Wearing It Well

Who Knew

To Gracefully Waltz With the Waning Moon

Bonus Song: "Waltz Till We Die" from Lizann Bassham's CD "Out of the Broom Closet" (Vocals: Lizann Bassham & Paula Matzinger; electric guitar: Dave Petersen; violin: Nicco DeCamp) © Front Porch Spirit 2012